William Hague, Lord Hague of Richmond, in conversation with Matt Chorley

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William Hague, Lord Hague of Richmond, discussing his life in politics and his view on the current political landscape facing us in 2021.

William Hague, Lord Hague of Richmond, was a Conservative MP for 26 years until he stepped down in 2015. He served as leader of the opposition from 1997-2001, and as first secretary of state and foreign secretary from 2010-14. He has also written two major biographies, winning History Book of the Year at the National Book Awards in 2005. Here he discusses his life in British politics with Matt Chorley writer and broadcaster for The Times, and host of the political mid-morning show on Times Radio. William Hague also answers audience questions submitted for the original broadcast on June, 3. 

In April this year The Times was delighted to announce that William Hague, joined the paper as a columnist. Plus every Tuesday on Times Radio he and Kezia Dugdale, former Scottish Labour leader, will join Aasmah Mir and Stig Abell to discuss the day’s top stories.

Read William Hague's recent interview with Andrew Billen in The Times here