Sophie Beresiner, The Mother Project columnist in conversation with Laura Atkinson

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Sophie Beresiner, The Mother Project columnist in conversation with Laura Atkinson, editor, The Sunday Times STYLE. Sophie discusses her infertility journey and becoming a mother via surrogacy. 

Sophie’s weekly Sunday Times STYLE column, The Mother Project, won her a Columnist of the Year award and is consistently among The Sunday Times most read features. Aged 30 she was diagnosed with breast cancer and years later she discovered that chemotherapy had made her infertile. After failed IVF and two miscarriages she finally welcomed a beautiful baby via surrogacy. 

Through interminable cycles of hope and failure, her infertility story spanned three countries, five surrogates and a debt she’d rather not dwell on. Part memoir, part manifesto, The Mother Project is the epic story of Sophie’s quest for happiness. Chapter by chapter, she answers the difficult questions she is often asked: What is IVF abroad really like? How do you deal with a negative pregnancy result? Why don’t you just adopt? What is it like to meet your surrogate? What is it like to lose your surrogate? And how do you know when to stop? 

Exploring the complexities, expectations and injustices faced by millions of women across the world, it is a book that is both personal and universal. 

Plus, Times+ members can take advantage of an exclusive offer. The Mother Project is published by Harper Collins, RRP £14.99, on May 27. You can order the book at Waterstones.com at a discounted price of £11.99 using code PARENTS at the checkout (valid until June 16, 2021).