Finding your perfect home with the co-founder of The Modern House and Inigo

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Join Albert Hill, co-founder of two ground-breaking estate agencies, The Modern House and Inigo, as he guides you through the challenges and opportunities of the current property market and provides a blueprint for how to find and purchase your perfect home.

The home has never been more central to our lives than it is right now. Finding a home that works for you has never been more important. This course will cover the whole journey from the first inklings of wanting to move to unlocking your new front door for the first time.

You will learn how to hone in on what you actually want, where to look for it (especially in those places where others aren’t looking) and how to make sure it’s yours once you do come across something suitable. We will pay special attention to preparing for purchase, building your support team (and here Albert will share his little black book of experts that you might need) and how to avoid the most common traps that potential purchasers fall into.

This two-hour masterclass is aimed at anyone who is thinking about moving house, be they first time buyers or more experienced movers, or anyone with a wider interest in the UK’s property market. It will suit anyone seeking insights into how to make what is often a notoriously difficult experience as rewarding, both personally and financially, as it can be.

At the end of the masterclass you will: 

  • Have an understanding what you are looking for from owning a home and what’s important to you

  • Know how to best find what you’re looking for and how to efficiently acquire it

  • Know how to ensure that you’re paying the right price

About Albert Hill

Albert Hill has almost two decades of experience in the UK property market and has overseen the sale of thousands of homes (and bought a few in his time too). He is the co-founder of The Modern House and Inigo, two celebrated estate agencies that focus on the country’s finest homes (Inigo offers exceptional historic homes for sale whilst The Modern House showcases less traditional spaces).

Albert graduated from the University of Bristol with a BA in Art History, and was the Design Editor at Wallpaper magazine. He has written for The Guardian, The Times and The Independent, is the author of a number of books on homes and frequently commentates on architecture and property on television and radio.  Pursuing his passion for the crossover between architecture and commerce, he founded The Modern House in 2005 and Inigo in 2020, and continues to apply his entrepreneurial energy to growing these companies and exploring new markets.

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