Macro workshop: the magical world of close-up photography

Online course


Join experienced photographer and tutor Nigel Wilson for a full day online workshop to explore the world in close-up. Improve your photography skills and learn the techniques needed to produce show-stopping macro images.

The art of extreme close-up, or macro photography, allows us to study and admire very small subjects and organisms - things that we would not see with the naked eye. This form of photography involves shooting these subjects to make them appear life-size or larger in the finished image and often the results are spectacular. 

On this one day course you will learn:

  • how to use your camera and lens to produce stunning macro images
  • to understand how lighting (natural and artificial) as well as good composition and pin-point focusing can transform your shots
  • how to use ‘focus stacking’ in your macro work

The day will consist of a mix of teaching and an afternoon practice session – as well as plenty of lighting tips and advice on useful accessories. There will also be the opportunity to review your images in a slideshow at the end of the day. 

Numbers on this course are limited to allow for maximum interaction with, and feedback from, the tutor.

Some understanding of aperture/shutter speed would be helpful but not essential. You will need a DSLR or mirrorless camera and a macro lens. A tripod will also help you get the best shots possible. Nigel recommends that if you do not have a macro lens, one can be hired at a reasonable price here:

About your tutor:

Nigel Wilson is an experienced teacher and photographer, leading inspirational classes at many institutions, including New York University and London's famous Camera Club.  He is currently lecturing at the Victoria & Albert Museum, and teaches a variety of classes for The Royal Photographic Society

The course will be taught via Zoom and participants will be required to have their microphones and cameras on during the day.

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