Reduce your risk of dementia. 20% off the Living Longer Better course with the former chief knowledge officer of the NHS

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Enjoy 20% off the booking price of online course, Living longer better with Professor Sir Muir Gray, and find out how to improve your wellbeing and reduce your chances of dementia in your later years.

Times+ has partnered with respected online classroom provider Learning with Experts to offer subscribers 20% off this special course designed to demonstrate how anyone over the age of 60 should be making active changes to their lifestyle in order to live longer, better. The course, which is curated and delivered by Professor Sir Muir Gray,  the former chief knowledge officer of the NHS, is based on a lifetime of experience and scientific research at the highest level, will encourage you to re-examine the way you look at the process of ageing, and you will finish the course with a newfound positive outlook on this process.

Scientific research suggests that slowing the ageing process (senescence) is now a realistic goal, and we should do everything we can to meet this. During this online course, Muir explores actions you can take to optimise your health by delving into the science behind the brain. He demonstrates how you can reduce your risk of dementia and disease, and improve your overall wellbeing.

Muir’s aim is to inspire you to change your life, helping you to divulge a plan so that you can optimise your brain health and cognitive function, enabling you to live your best life. You will learn about the importance of physical exercise, and how your fitness levels will directly impact the ageing process.

The 6 part course, which can be accessed at a time of your choosing, will cover: 

  • Understanding ageing
  • Fitness
  • Preventing and coping with disease
  • Understanding and changing how people think about older people
  • Understanding the brain and improving cognitive and emotional wellbeing
  • Strengthening the sense of purpose and preparing a plan

This course has been developed for anyone who is looking to live a better life, and for anyone who is caring for an elderly person. Knowledge is the enemy of disease, and after this course you will have all the tools to ensure that you have the best quality of life possible. The collaborative classroom environment will give you the opportunity to share your experiences with others who may be struggling, and together you can change the way that people look at getting older – together we will live longer, and better. Muir strongly believes that humans are tribal, and this form of online group learning will play an increasingly important part in life long learning.

Learning with Experts offer their courses at two price points, expert level & peer level.   Lessons are pre-recorded for you to watch at any time. Assignments follow each lesson which can be uploaded to be marked and commented on by Sir Muir and his team (Expert Level). Times subscribers can receive 20% off the booking price at either level by entering the code 'TIMES20' to your basket when you checkout. 

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