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Self-paced course

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Join award-winning artist Rosso Emerald Crimson in her studio in Stoke Newington and learn how to create a stunning oil portrait from scratch.

Times+ has partnered with respected online classroom provider Learning with Experts to offer subscribers 20 percent off its How to paint a stunning portrait course with artist, Rosso Emerald Crimson.

If you're an aspiring artist looking for inspiration and practical guidance, this is the perfect opportunity to expand your horizons and be mentored by a world-renowned artist.

This course gives you behind the scenes trade secrets of an acclaimed artist. Rosso takes you on her journey, sharing philosophies and techniques, whilst you study painting a portrait from start to finish. You will explore an interplay of 'free style' and improvisation vs a rigorous approach to portraiture.

Rosso’s body of work is composed of classical portraiture and more accomplished figurative paintings with narratives developed around the female identity, reflecting her own life and experiences as a woman. Through portraiture and self-portraiture, Rosso explores and addresses feelings and taboos connected to gender identity, sexuality, beauty, relationships, motherhood/parenthood.

What you will learn:

After talking you through the research stage, including preliminary sketches, sourcing images/models and preparing your studio, Rosso will then walk you through the creation of a stunning realist portrait, from start to finish.

Rosso will guide you through each step of the creation process of a portrait, giving you practical advice for when taking on your own project. You will be set assignments at the end of each lesson which enable you to practise the techniques, and will receive feedback on your progress before moving onto the next stage of the portrait.

Equipment you'll need:

Standing/table easel, large palette, pots for turps and mediums, rags, a variety of oil paints of different sizes / grades.

A variety of brushes, including:

  •       Flat synthetic brushes for acrylics/oil (large to very small, for finer details)
  •       Pointed round (hog, sable and/or synthetic)
  •       Sable brushes (for finer details, later stages of painting)
  •       Hog brushes
  •       Fan brushes (optional).

Learning with Experts offer their courses at two price points, expert level & peer level. Lessons are pre-recorded for you to watch at any time. Assignments follow each lesson which can be uploaded to be marked and commented on by Rosso (Expert Level). Times subscribers can receive 20 percent off the booking price at either level by entering the code 'TIMES20' to your basket when you checkout. 

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