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Sep 11, 2021

Understanding your Camera: sharpen your photographic skills

Join experienced photographer and tutor, Nigel Wilson for a full day online workshop to gain a full understanding of your camera and its functions. Learn how to use your camera to its full potential to capture better images.

Sep 15, 2021

Three-week wine masterclass: tutored tastings from the Old World to the New, with Will Lyons

Join The Sunday Times wine columnist and vice president of The Sunday Times Wine Club, Will Lyons for this exclusive three-week course, as he shares more than 20 years of knowledge and vinous experience, taking you on a tutored journey from the classic wine regions of the northern hemisphere to some of its newest vineyards in the south.

Oct 15, 2021

How to boost your memory

Join experienced leadership and innovation expert Paul Sloane for a live online course to learn ways to boost your memory, giving you the skills to recall important information wherever and whenever you need it

Oct 16, 2021

Photography masterclass: taking the perfect portrait

Learn how to take the perfect portrait in our expert-led online photography workshop

Oct 22, 2021

The complete six-week guide to writing your novel with Jill Dawson

The complete six-week guide to writing your novel with Jill Dawson and The Times & Sunday Times: A six-week course, every Friday from October 22

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20% off Classic French cuisine: the Roux way collection of courses

Join legendary chef Michel Roux Jr in the kitchens of Le Gavroche to learn how to prepare delicious classic French cuisine in your own home.


Learn how to paint a portrait, and enjoy 20% off the course price

Join Rosso Emerald Crimson in her studio in Stoke Newington and watch her create a stunning oil portrait from scratch.